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Birthdate:May 21

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ancient civilizations, ancient cultures, ancient history, ancient religions, anime, asperger, asperger's syndrome, autism, autism spectrum disorders, autistic culture, autistic rights, avoidant personality disorder, being a geek, being myself, books, borderline personality disorder, boundaries, celtic mythology, celtic paganism, celtic polytheism, chronic illness, chronic pain, claymore, compassion, complex ptsd, depression, developmental disorder, disabilities, disability, disability advocacy, disability rights, druidism, druidry, fantasy, fate stay night, fate zero, fate/stay night, fate/zero, feminism, fibromyalgia, foxes, gemstones, gender identity, genderqueer, haibane renmei, hidden disabilities, hidden disability, imagination, inner worlds, introspection, introversion, invisible illness, japanese language, juliet marillier, kara no kyoukai, kindness, lbgt rights, lgbt, light novels, liminal spaces, liminality, mad pride, making friends, manga, mental illness, misanthropy, modifying fictional worlds, music, mythological creatures, mythology, names etymology, neurodiversity, non-binary gender, online friends, paganism, panentheism, percy jackson, philosophy, photography, poetry, polytheism, psychology, ptsd, queer, reading, revival druidry, self injury, self-awareness, shoujo kakumei utena, shyness, sleep disorders, social anxiety disorder, social ineptitude, social model of disability, soulbonds, spirituality, tarot, tarot cards, temple of the twelve, the lord of the rings, the neverending story, the unusual, thinking for myself, trans*, transgender, type moon, visual novels, wanderers, wandering, writing
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